GS-1 General Service


This rate will be applied to single and three-phase customers. This includes commercial, institutional, governmental, farm, and other customers. This monthly Maximum Measured Demand of customers served on this rate shall not exceed 50 kW for three or more months in a consecutive 12-month period.

Gs-1 customers shall be transferred to the appropriate demand class as soon as the application conditions of that class have been met.

Customer Charge

Single-Phase:  $10.00 per month
Three-Phase:   $15.00 per month

Energy Charge

$0.1096 per kWh

Public Benefits Charge

3% of the combined monthly electric charges (Not to exceed $1.75.)

Purchase Cost Adjustment Clause (PCAC)

Charge per all kWh varies monthly. (See schedule PCAC)

Minimum Monthly Bill

The minimum monthly bill shall be the customer charge.

Prompt Payment of Bills

A charge of 3% but not less than 30 cents will be added to bills not paid within 20 days form date of issuance. A late payment charge shall be applied only once to any given amount outstanding. This charge is applicable to all customers.

Determination of Maximum Measured Demand

The Maximum Measured Demand in any month shall be that demand in kilowatts necessary to supply the average kilowatts in 15 consecutive minutes of greatest consumption of electricity during beach month. Such Maximum Measured Demand shall be determined from readings of permanently installed meters or, at the option of the utility, but any standard methods or meters. Said demand meter shall be reset to zero when the meter is read each month.

A complete set of Authorized Rates and Rules
is available at the Utility Office.