New or Replacement Water Main & Water Service Procedures

During the design phase of a project that will require a new or change in existing water service or water main, stop in at the WWLC office at 221 16th Street South in Wisconsin Rapids, or contact us by calling (715) 423-6330. Please be ready to provide the following information: service address, service type, service size, service classification (residential, commercial, industrial), expected project time line, copy of the certified survey or plot plan of the property where the service will be required, and a map with dimensions, including building foot plan, desired service location, nearest road and nearest WW&LC water facilities. Before any work begins, the proper city, and state permits shall be obtained. All permits and paperwork must be taken out and filed with the city inspector at City Hall.

The standard water service size for the City of Wisconsin Rapids is 1-inch type “K” copper.  In some areas (older parts of town) ¾-inch is standard depending on the year of instillation.  If you need to upgrade from the standard service size please contact our engineering department at (715) 423-6330.

If you are having trouble with water pressure and water flow please contact the Service Department at (715) 423-6310.

Easements and Right-of-Way

When easements are required, they must be obtained before construction will be scheduled. The customer requesting service shall obtain permission from those landowners as required. WW&LC will provide the easement document. Any costs involved with obtaining the easement will be the responsibility of the customer requesting the water main extension.

Water Meter Installation

Before you begin doing any plumbing work make sure that all applications and permits are on file with the City Plumbing Inspector (715-421-8227).  Please notify the WW&LC office with the expected water meter size prior to the installation because some specialty meters will have to be ordered and this process can take up to 4 weeks.  Upon completion of the plumbing installation, the plumber shall notify the city plumbing inspector and schedule an inspection.  Once an inspection has been conducted and everything is in compliance with state and local codes the inspector will notify WW&LC and the water meter will be installed.  Notification will consist of a written approval from the City of Wisconsin Rapids Inspection Department.

New Water Main or Water Service Pricing

All charges associated with new water main and services are subject to the City of Wisconsin Rapids Public Hearing Rates for that year.  To view these rates click here.