Private Lead Service Replacement Program

New national research on lead in drinking water has raised concerns within the WDNR regarding the potential for increased lead levels when partial LSL replacement occurs. The WDNR is advising that municipalities replace lead service lines in their entirety – partially replacing lead service lines can increase lead levels in homes.  Due to Public Service Commission (PSC) regulations the Utility can only replace the municipal side of the lead service lines which is why the WDNR has made funds available through the Safe Drinking Water Loan Program (SDWLP) to assist homeowners with funding their lead service replacement cost.

The Utility will be partnering with local plumbers who have met the project funding requirements dictated by the WDNR through a published Request for Qualifications (RFP).  These local plumbers will be put on a list and supplied to qualified homeowners for contracting.  The Utility will then partially reimburse the homeowners up to a maximum of $4,000 for replacing their lead service.  If Non-Qualified plumbers are contracted the homeowner will receive no reimbursement.

If you own a home with a private lead service line located within the WDNR approved areas(which is defined in the link below) or wish to have an environmental review on a non-approved area please contact Adam Breunig at (715) 423-6330. Your residence will then be put on a schedule for lead service verification and you will be supplied with a list of Pre-Qualified Plumbers.  Thank you for your time.

Lead Pipe Identification

Private Lead Service Approved Areas

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